Student Paramedic Training

How to Apply:

 The HSE National Recruitment Service manages the selection process for Student Paramedics.


Advertisements for Student Paramedic are posted at:

  2.   (you are advised to register your interest with this site)

Application forms are available on line when a recruitment process commences.



At time of application for paramedic recruitment you will need:

    1. A pass leaving cert or equivalent (Pass or Honours level only) – pass in 6 subjects to include maths and one of the science subjects. Note that an EMT certificate may be accepted should a candidate have six passes but not hold a science subject. Mature entry conditions may be also considered for access to the programme.
    2.  A full unendorsed C1 driving licence.


    C 1 Licence description as per NDLS website is:


    Vehicle type

    Minimum age


    Vehicles in category C having a MAM1 weight not exceeding 7,500 kg, designed and constructed for the carriage of no more than eight passengers in addition to the driver and where the MAM1 of the trailer is not greater than 750 kg.

    18 years

    For further information on driving licences and applications see


    1. General good health

    The selection process involves aptitude tests, a driving assessment and an interview process. If successful, applicants are placed on a panel from which they are called to the National Ambulance Service College for training.


    Call for Training:

    Offers of places on paramedic programmes are made by The National Recruitment Service (NRS) subject to:


    • Garda Clearance
    • Occupational Medical Assessment
    • Reference Checks


    Commencing Paramedic Training:

    On receipt of student details from NRS, the NASC will contact students with course joining instructions which includes pre learning requirements, start date and time, venue / directions (Dublin or Ballinalsoe) and contact details for the Course Director.

    The Paramedic Programme is of 3 calendar years (4 academic years) duration. 

    Year 1:

    The first year of the programme is divided between college based learning and hospital and ambulance placements. A temporary specific purpose employment contract is issued to students. During the first year there are two PHECC examinations and weekly in-house assessments while in the college. Successful completion of all assessments and examinations is required in order to progress through the programme.


    Years 2 and 3:

    Successful completion of year one allows students to progress to the internship phase, run over two years. A temporary specified purpose employment contract is issued to students. The internship will be of 104 weeks duration where students are integral members of ambulance crews in the National Ambulance Service. There are mandatory Intern Field Assessments completed during the internship.   Case studies are also submitted and form part of overall marks. Students will be required to attend a number of seminars and workshops, with associated assignments as part of the academic requirements. A learning portfolio is maintained by each student and submitted for review. his portfolio forms part of the final panel exam. Successful completion of the second year of the programme leads to registration with the Pre Hospital Emergency Care Council at Paramedic level. Completion of the third year will lead to the awarding of a Bachelor of Science (Honours) degree. At this point a permanent employment contract may be issued.


    To see the National Ambulance Service Recruitment Information Handbook please click here.

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