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AED Registration

Every year in Ireland many people suffer a cardiac arrest caused by arrhythmias in the heart due to uncoordinated electrical impulses. These electrical impulses can be corrected with the use of an AED (Automated External Defibrillator) which delivers a shock to the heart to try and correct these arrhythmias.

The aim of the AED Registry campaign with the assistance of the members from the National Ambulance Service, CFR Ireland, voluntary services, and members of the public is to locate as many AEDs as possible nationally. Once located the AED should be inspected and owners should be informed as to the condition and best location for storage as well as informing on how to use the AED should it be needed.

Once the AED is deemed fit for purpose and with permission of the owner we would like to register the AED.

A government report suggests that there are around 9,000 AEDs in Ireland. Unfortunately many of these AEDs are not accessible due to poor storage and lack of signage. There is also an issue with AEDs not being maintained resulting in many of these units not being fit for purpose when they are used to treat a patient in cardiac arrest.

This is a national initiative that requires the assistance of as many volunteers as possible actively seeking out AEDs in their community and registering them.