Emergency Call Taker

The Emergency Medical Call Taker (EMCT) is responsible for the efficient and effective call taking of Emergency, Intermediate Care and related calls and requests in order to meet service users’ needs in a timely manner and within the framework of policies, procedures and guidelines.

The initial training for an Emergency Medical Call Taker is 14 weeks. The first 5 weeks are class room and computer laboratory based. During this period the student undertakes the International Academies of Emergency Dispatch IAED diploma course.  This course is the standard in 58 countries for emergency call taking.

The student will learn. CPR, how to use an AED, Anatomy and physiology, map reading, medico-legal responsibilities, standard operational procedures, clinical directives, how to use the software programmes and much more.

The second stage of training is on site in NEOC working on a one to one basis with an experienced ECT mentor for 4 weeks.
Week 10 is a week of practical and theoretical assessments with the final 4 weeks where the students EMCT will work under the supervision of a senior control Supervisor.

The EMCT has a key role in delivering an effective response to emergencies within an established set of performance indicator response times. They should in line with the PHECC EMS Dispatch Standard, comply with all call categorisation as determined by a Medical Priority Dispatch System. The EMCT also provides appropriate pre arrival and post-dispatch instructions in response in a prompt and timely manner.

Eligibility Criteria for the Grade:

(a)   Candidates must possess the requisite knowledge and ability, including a high standard of suitability,

for the proper discharge of the duties of the office

(b)    Have previous experience in word, excel and email and accurate data entry/input

(c)    Basic typing speed of at least 25 wpm by touch typing

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