Intermediate Care Operative (Emergency Medical Technician)

The National Ambulance Service operates a fleet of intermediate care ambulances that serve the
purpose of inter-facility transfers between hospitals as well as facilitating hospital discharges.
Intermediate Care Operative (Emergency Medical Technicians) are required who are already
qualified and certified by the Pre Hospital Emergency Care Council. They are provided with driver
training and induction by the NAS College post recruitment.
The Intermediate Care Operative (Emergency Medical Technician) post is designed to provide a
comprehensive and dedicated Patient Transport/Intermediate Care Service within the National
Ambulance Service.
Emergency Medical Technicians may be tasked occasionally to higher acuity calls. In this role, the
primary purpose will be:

  • In advance of an Emergency Medical Service (EMS) resource as a First Responder
  • Simultaneously, alongside an EMS resource as additional responders/practitioners, e.g. Cardiac
  • As the primary resource to low acuity calls not appropriate to Paramedic service provision, i.e.
    Omega Calls
  • In any role deemed appropriate during a Major Emergency.

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