In case of emergencies please ring 999/112

Critical Care Retrieval Services (CCRS)

The NAS-CCRS provide critical care retrieval/transport for seriously ill Adults, Children and Infants in Ireland.

This involves the timely retrieval/transfer of critically ill or severely injured patients by an appropriately trained and skilled team of health care professionals, "getting the right patient to the right care in the right time by the right people".

The NAS-CCRS also provide advice and support to referring hospitals on the management and transport of critically ill patients.  The NAS-CCRS provide outreach education and training programmes to support staff from referring hospitals on the management of critically ill patients in the transport environment.

Model of Care

The primary objective of the NAS-CCRS is to provide a comprehensive inter-hospital Retrieval-Transfer system for seriously ill infants, children and adults in Ireland.  It involves the timely retrieval of patients to an appropriate centre to receive definitive care.

The Future

The delivery of 24/7 retrieval and transport services for infants, children and adult patients in Ireland, is available in an efficient and timely manner, with the ability to repatriate patients back to a hospital closest to home once their definitive care is complete.

Quality Metrics & Framework

A system of effective clinical and operational audits is imperative to ensure the best patient outcomes.  Adherence to national and international standards must dictate audit measurements.  Clinical Coordination function must be part of an audit.  An operational audit is necessary to ensure appropriate, timely and safe utilisation of transport assets.  The operational tasking must also be part of an audit.  Timely reporting and case review are essential to support improved patient outcomes, promote safety in the transport environment and support learning by all team members.   We use several key performance indicators to continuously audit the quality of the service we provide such as Team Mobilisation times, Stabilisation Times, Refusals, Adverse Events and out-of-region transports.