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Association of Retired Ambulance Personnel

Many of us joined the Ambulance Service in the 1970/80’s.  We dedicated many years to the service and were very glad to do so.  We understood the privilege it is to offer assistance to patients when they need our help.   Over the years we have seen the service change and evolve to become the world class National Ambulance Service it is today.  We are very proud of the highly professional pre-hospital emergency care service that is delivered by the National Ambulance Service today. 

We also recognise the gap when we retire, as the door closes on our professional lives.  We still want to be part of the National Ambulance Service community, because we will always be interested in the service and how it continues to evolve.  

A number of retired members decided to do something about this.  We have formed an association for retired staff and we are delighted to have received the full support of the Director of the National Ambulance Service. 

The association was formed in 2018, so we are still forming.  We organise a number of breakfast events regionally, for retirees to catch up with one another, as well as get an update on developments within the National Ambulance Service.  We circulate news items of interest to members and are invited to a number of National Ambulance Service events throughout the year.  We have represented the Retired Members of the Service in two National Service Day Parades and other events.

 If you want more information about the association or upcoming events or want to join the Association please contact

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