In case of emergencies please ring 999/112

National Ambulance Service Priorities

  • Improve our engagement with patients and service users
  • Enhance clinical competencies and governance arrangement to improve quality of care and patient safety
  • Provide a flexible, safe, responsive and effective service to meet planned alternative models of patient care
  • Improve operational performance and outcome for patients
  • Improve engagement with patients and service users and play an active role in improving the health needs of the population
  • Deploy the most appropriate resources safely, quickly and efficiently

National Ambulance Service Vision

To provide excellent ambulance services to patients and the public through the highest levels of clinical and professional proficiency contributing to the improved health and wellbeing of people

National Ambulance Service Statement

To serve the needs of patients and the public as part of an integrated health system through the provision of high quality, safe and patient centred ambulance services

National Ambulance Service Values

Integrity:            We serve the community with the highest levels of integrity and honesty

Caring:               We put our patients and the community first at all times in providing the highest 

                           quality urgent clinical care

Accountable:      We take responsibility and are accountable in all we do

Respect:             We are professional and respectful to patients, the community and colleagues at all times

Excellence:         We strive for excellence in providing the best possible urgent clinical care services