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IPATS Referral

How to make an IPATS or PICU Referral

PICU Referral Document

This document is used by the PICU to obtain relevant clinical details about each patient.  Having this completed prior to referral will greatly increase the speed of referral and ease of information handover. 

Clinical Information required for PICU referral

PATS pre-arrival checklists

These weight-based documents allow regional teams to prepare for the arrival of the IPATS team and should reduce the amount of time required. by the team to handover, stabilise and move each patient.  We strongly encourage their use prior to our arrival.

IPATS PreArrival Checklist 2.5-5Kg

IPATS PreArrival Checklist 5-10Kg

IPATS PreArrival Checklist 10-20Kg

IPATS PreArrival Checklist over 20Kg