In case of emergencies please ring 999/112

Service Profile

Our Activity

The NAS operates from over 100 locations throughout Ireland.

It is important to note that the NAS operates on a national and area basis as opposed to a local basis. Resources are dynamically deployed which means resources are deployed to areas to provide cover or to respond to incidents as they arise.

Our Staff

  • NAS business support roles includes;
  1. Estate, Fleet and Equipment,
  2. Finance,
  3. Human Resources,
  4. Communications,
  5. Business Management
  6. and Programme Management functions.


Our Estate, Fleet and Equipment

The NAS supply services from 102 locations throughout Ireland. We operate a wide range of fleet including Emergency Ambulances, Intermediate Care Vehicles, Rapid Response Vehicles and a range of specialised support vehicles. Over the last number of years we have invested significantly in the purchase of new vehicles and a fleet maintenance programme.