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National Ambulance Service – Recruitment Campaign Spring 2022

The National Ambulance Service (NAS) is running a national recruitment campaign in spring 2022 across radio, press, and digital outlets. This year the NAS is recruiting Student Paramedics, Intermediate Care Operatives (Emergency Medical Technicians) and Emergency Medical Controllers (Emergency Call Takers).

The first phase of the campaign, the recruitment of Student Paramedics and Intermediate Care Operatives (Emergency Medical Technicians), is underway. A competition for additional Emergency Medical Controllers (Emergency Call Takers) is due to commence in the near future. Check for future updates on this next phase of the campaign.

The main role of NAS is to provide emergency medical care to patients in the community.

Our staff work in a dynamic, fast moving environment providing a demand-led service for the whole population. We work alongside the Dublin Fire Brigade, Irish Air Corps, Irish Coast Guard, Irish Community Rapid Response and, at a community level, with First Responder teams.

At a local level, the NAS is also supported by over 140 Community First Responder schemes, responding to particular types of medical emergencies where it is essential for the patient to receive immediate life-saving care whilst an emergency response vehicle is en route to the patient. 

In addition, the NAS works with the Irish Air Corps and the Department of Defence in operating an Emergency
Aeromedical Service. We also partner with the Irish Community Air Ambulance service in Cork providing
qualified clinical staff to this service.

This year’s recruitment campaign focuses on ambulance siren call, one of the most powerful sonic brands in
the world. Everyone knows that sirens are emergency services. It’s a unique, distinct and memorable brand
asset. We all recognise the sound, the meaning and how to react.

The campaign draws you in and makes you ‘hear’ a siren in your head. In this campaign we want the public to
understand that there are careers for people from all walks of life in the ambulance service.
We want to attract a broader cross-section of people so that they represent and reflect the communities they

This campaign confronts the idea that jobs in the National Ambulance Service are only for a very limited range
of people. In fact we have jobs for people from all walks of life.

A key message in the campaign is “The National Ambulance Service has roles for people just like you.”

The campaign also shows how different groups working in NAS are ‘seen and heard’ in their local communities
and recognised as playing really important roles.

The key images for the campaign were shot as night falls, creating an atmospheric setting centred around the
back of an Emergency Vehicle. The shot features six members of staff in uniform representing Paramedics,
Emergency Medical Technicians and Emergency Call Takers.

We have also built stories around the experiences of these staff in their roles.

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The National Ambulance Service College is located in the NAS Rivers Building in Tallaght, Dublin 24 and Ballinasloe, Co Galway where all NAS Emergency Medical Technicians, Paramedics and Advanced Paramedics receive training and on going revalidation. The College has the latest training aids and simulators which ensures comprehensive training in a consistent manner for all staff. The College also trains all the call taking and dispatch staff for the NEOC on an on going basis. 

Training is also provided for the Irish Coastguard, the Defence Forces, An Garda Síochána, Health Care Professionals and members of Voluntary Organisations.  The range of training courses includes patient care programmes, leadership courses, tutor development, major incident planning and preparation and driving.

Mission Statement

The mission of the National Ambulance Service College is to provide vocational and professional education and training to Ambulance and Associated Personnel, based on current best practice, to meet the strategic and operational needs of the National Ambulance Service and the Health Communities and Patients it serves.

Activities include:

  • Training for all new recruits:
  • EMT/Intermediate Care Operative,
  • Advanced Paramedics Paramedics
  • Emergency Call Taker and
  • Emergency Medical Dispatcher
  • Driver Training
  • Preceptorship,
  • Solo Response,
  • Reflective Practice
  • Core programmes accredited by the Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Council (PHECC) in accordance with Education &Training Standards.
  • Paramedic programmes are delivered in affiliation with our academic partners; School of Medicine, University College Cork

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