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Workforce Support

V4 Guidance for healthcare workers affected by death in service of a colleague due to COVID-19 V4 (002)

NASBS003 Business Support Procedure for Authorised Use of Official Vehicles

NASBS005 Business Support Procedure application and Removal of Advanced Paramedic Allowance

NASBS010 Business Support Policy Records Management

NASBS011 Policy Governing Adherence to all SOPs

NASWS001 - Capability

NASWS002 - Operating the HSE Disciplinary Procedure

NASWS004 - Policy Advice Support and CISM

NASWS005 - Garda Statements and Court Issues

NASWS006 - Experiential Placements and Observers

NASWS007 - Protecting Pregnancy at Work

NASWS008 - Education and Competency Assurance Framework

NASWS010 - Staff Identification

NASWS011 - Protection of Lone Workers

NASWS012 - Rehabilitation of Employees Back to Work after Illness or Injury

NASWS013 - Leave for Elected Representatives

NASWS014 - Secondments

NASWS015 - NAS Staff Transfers

NASWS018 - Appropriate and Effective Utilisation of Post Graduate Paramedic Interns

NASWS019 - Safer Moving and Handling

NASWS020 - Managing Violence and Aggression towards Staff

NASWS021 - Alcohol, Drugs and Solvent Abuse

NASWS022 - Workforce Support Guideline for the Appropriate and Effective Utilisation of Unrostered Staff

NASWS023 - Dress and Personal Appearance at Work

NASWS024 - Policy Preventing and Managing Stress in the Workplace

NASWS025 - Preventing and Managing Critical Stress

NASWS027 - Management of Critical Incident Involving Staff Member

NASWS026 - Workforce Support Interim Policy for Staff Officers Transfers

NASPO36 Structured Leave & Entitlements Policy

NASP043 - Understanding Parental and Force Majeure Leave Policy