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CFR Training and Education

Training and Education

Who can provide training and coordination of First Responders?

The Irish Heart Foundation (IHF) promotes and advocates for the development of Community First Responder Schemes.

Click here for details of available training providers.

The current IHF HeartSafe Award is an excellent example of how communities can be recognized for their efforts in establishing such Schemes.

PHECC also play a leading role in promoting the development of First Responder Schemes through the publication of Standards and recognition of Training Institutions and the recent public Citizen CPR Campaign, see for more information.

NAS do not train or co-coordinate Schemes but rather focus our efforts on integration of any established Schemes into our Clinical Status 1 (ECHO (minimum CFR) and DELTA (minimum EFR)) response to emergency calls.

Click here to see the NAS Policy (review 2016) on First Responder Schemes

Training resources: