In case of emergencies please ring 999/112



Zoll X-A Troubleshooting

Operational Directives

OD 01-12 - Incident Command.pdf (size 49.2 KB)


Operations Procedure

NASOP022 - Safely Approaching an Aircraft.pdf (size 100 KB)


Operations Equipment

NASOE002 - Ambulance Operations (Equipment) Procedure Requisition of Controlled Drugs (Now combined in NASCG006 Management & Requisition of Controlled Drugs)

NASOE014 - Ambulance Operations (Equipment) Procedure Requisition of Medications


Operations Fleet

NASOF001 - Vehicle Collision Procedure.pdf (size 77.8 KB)

Severe Weather Plan

NAS Emergency Management Plan - Severe Weather.pdf (size 132 KB)


Service Policies

NASPO01 - Infection-Prevention-&-Control-Policy-2021.09.29.pdf (size 2.6 MB)

NASP033 - Purchasing Goods & Services Policy

Emergency Aero Medical Service

NASEAS001 Aero-Medical Talkgroup

NASOP022 Safely Approaching an Aircraft.

NASCC035 Hospital Booking for Requisition of Air Ambulance    


AMBA001 - Processing FOI Requests.pdf (size 253.1 KB)

AMBA002 - Processing PQs _ Public Representations.pdf (size 235.1 KB)

Saftey Action Notices 

NAS-Infection-Prevention-&-Control-Policy-2021.09.29.pdf (size 2.6 MB)

-SP02-Probe-Safety-Alert-Notice-119.pdf (size 138 KB)

-ONE-LINK-Safety-Alert-Notice.pdf (size 504.5 KB)

-Medical-Face-Mask-SAN-9518.pdf (size 145 KB)

-Medi9&LP15-Safety-Alert-Notice-.pdf (size 236.5 KB)

Oxygen-Valve-Safety-Alert-Notice.pdf (size 196.9 KB)

ONE-LINK-Safety-Alert-Notice.pdf (size 504.5 KB)

Nifedipine-Safety-Alert-Notice.pdf (size 229.4 KB)

Medical-Face-Mask-SAN-9518.pdf (size 145 KB)

Medi9&LP15-Safety-Alert-Notice-.pdf (size 236.5 KB)

IbuprofenParacetamol-Safety.pdf (size 249.3 KB)

3 Way-Stop

Tourniquet-Safety-Alert-Notice.pdf (size 570.8 KB)

SP02-Probe-Safety-Alert-Notice-119.pdf (size 138 KB)

Sharps-Bin-Safety-Alert-Notice-NL-Only.pdf (size 469.4 KB)

SAN-from-HSE-use-of-display-screen-equipment-dse.pdf (size 444.3 KB)

Safety-Alert-Notice-TXA24120.pdf (size 206.6 KB)

Safety-Alert-Notice-Stepwell-Nov-21.pdf (size 258 KB)

Safety-Alert-Notice-LUCAS-Nov-21.pdf (size 281.6 KB)

Safety-Alert-Notice-Crown-FFP2.pdf (size 223.7 KB)

Safety-Alert-Notice-Alcohol-Hand-Gel.pdf (size 187.9 KB)

HSA-Integral-Valve-SAN.pdf (size 141 KB)

Fluid-Warmer-Pouch-Safety-Alert.pdf (size 377.2 KB)

Flowsafe-Alert-Notice.pdf (size 179.8 KB)

Flowmeter-Safety-Alert-Notice.pdf (size 250.6 KB)

Ferno-Compact-Chair-Alert-Notice2019.pdf (size 590.2 KB)

Ferno-Compact-Chair-Alert-Notice.pdf (size 590.1 KB)

Door-Open-Warning-System-Alert-Notice.pdf (size 108.6 KB)

Clinical-Advisory---Patient-Non---Transport---December-2020.pdf (size 70.9 KB)

Buccolam-Safety-Alert-Notice2.pdf (size 220.7 KB)

Buccolam-Safety-Alert-Notice.pdf (size 220.1 KB)